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The company under the brand name of TimeDESK has various in house developed software solutions catering to the needs of the industry. These includes :
  1. Attendance and Access Control Software
  2. Payroll Management Software
  3. Visitor Management Software
  4. Canteen Management Software
  5. Gym / Club / Facility Management Software
  6. School Management Software
  7. Labour Verification Software
  • Gym Management Application with Readers
  • Gym Management Application with Readers
Gym Management Application with Readers

Gym Management Application with Readers

Rs 30,000  / UnitGet Best Price
Service TypeGym Management
date and timeWhen Package Start
Service ModeOnline
Customer PanelYes

Providing first-class service to every single Gym member, be it a Walk In Member, Monthly member, Platinum Member or Life Time member is vital in today's highly competitive environment. First impressions last. And therefore the entry point treatment plays a major role in creating a professional image for a Gym/ Health CLub.

A well-coordinated reception area and the Gym Entry is the ideal way to manage your members efficiently and give them the attention they deserve - and the best news is that you don't have to invest in highly skilled man power to achieve the same.

The Gym Management System is designed to facilitate the Gym / Health Club in doing away with the manual process of maintaining Registers for Member Data, Invoices, Payment Details, Validity Checks, Counter Checks etc.




  1. Different Login for each user.
  2. Creation of different rights.
  3. Use of the Software for not only Visitors but Members but for Employees also
  4. Feature to add Date Validity, Counter, Happy Hours etc and store the same in the reader.
  5. User Friendly GUI based Screen for proper navigation
  6. All systems developed as per INDIAN environment.
  7. Identify and Online view of the members, provide authorized access to various facilities of the gym/Health club and allow only authorized members to enter the Gym and access the facilities as also purchase food and beverages at the gym/club.
  8. The reader can be used for various applications. For gym/club these could include authenticating the member. Validating the user’s usage through dates and number of usage or both.
  9. Invoice Generation and Membership Billing and E-cash for selling other items at the various gym/club.
  10. The software has been designed to meet the future requirements of any gym/club, allowing the gym/club to charge different rates for Daily, Monthly, Annual members, and have further divisions such as Peak or Happy Hours users.
  11. The solution will allow the members to scan their finger templates where the information like Membership number and its validity period, Facility access points and their validity etc can be stored.
  12. Our solution will interact with fingerprint readers and the gym/club main system to provide the following functionality:

o Provide access to active members, while inform the gym/club if any memberships have expired. It will also beep when guests come, so the gym/club can issue them temporary cards.

o Update records each time the member uses facilities such as the gym/club, squash Courts, Billiards etc., and reduce the points on the card.

o Reduce or increase the monetary amount on the wallet whenever a member/dependent/guest makes a purchase at the gym/club; or pays additional money at the cashier.

o The system will also allow only authorized members to enter the gym/club and access the parking lot.

Membership Management

Package Management

Billing & Invoice Generation


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: TDGYM

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  • School Management System
School Management System

School Management System

Rs 25,000  / PackGet Best Price
Service Location/CityLocal
ModulesHR, Attendence
TypeEducational & Reference
Installation ServiceYes
Products StatusStock
System RequirementAll Systems Support
We have complete allegiance in offering highly advanced School Management System. A large number of schools and education institutions are attaining the benefits of our next generation software that operates of fingerprint and card system for sending SMS to parents and guardians. The innovative approach of this system eases the task of management of school buses and due to the proficiency of our team the system offers unmatched performance without eating up the speed of your computer system.


  • Use of fingerprint and RFID for tracking of school buses and students
  • Instant SMS alert system for guardians and school
  • Complete reports for over-speed, drivers performance and attendance
  • GPS enables school buses for avoiding delay at departure and arrival

Other Details:

  • Used for Schools, institutes wherein readers (fingerprint/Card) are installed and the software sends SMS to the parents/guardians on the arrival and departure from the school/institutes
  • Some of the Key features and benefits are explained below
  • Tracking of Buses and Children for Schools Through the use of Fingerprint or RF ID Card Based Systems and GPS Enabled School Buses.
  • Instant SMS Alerts to Parents/Guardian on the Arrival
  • Departure of Students from the Institute/School
  • Avoid delays at Bus Stop through the use of Mobile Application to know the exact location of bus
  • Track the movement of the buses
  • Extensive reports for Attendance etc with complete report of Driving performance and over- speed reports

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: TDSMS

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  • Time Attendance Management System
  • Time Attendance Management System
  • Time Attendance Management System
  • Time Attendance Management System
  • Time Attendance Management System
  • Time Attendance Management System
  • Time Attendance Management System
  • Time Attendance Management System
Time Attendance Management System

Time Attendance Management System

Rs 15,000  / UnitGet Best Price
Connectivity TypeWired
Service Location/CityLocal
Display TypeDigital
Power SourceBattery Operated
Sensor TypeDual Sensor
Push dataYes
Type of SystemFingerprint Access Control
“TIMEDESK”, as the name suggests, has all the features of Attendance and if clubbed with the payroll package is exhaustive software, which can be used for the HR, Admin and Accounts department to generate various types of reports. The software can be used for single companies, multiple companies and companies with different class of employees like permanent, daily basis, casual etc. The software has all the user-friendly features to run independently without any EDP person.

Other Details:

  • GUI based User Friendly Windows Application with Advanced looks
  • Multi user software and rights can be allocated to different users
  • Provision to create multiple companies, units
  • User friendly chart on the opening screen for Daily, Monthly status view
  • Advanced Find option and Advisory view
  • Various sorting and selection features are available to generate the reports
  • Option to generate daily, monthly, yearly as well as govt. statutory Forms/ reports
  • Option to generate various memos like late arrival, early going etc
  • Auto emailer option for paperless job
  • The reports can be generated in text, word and excel format
  • Each report can also be emailed to different heads
  • Automatic transfer (Optionally manual) of data from the readers to the computer without any operator interface
  • Fully automated Leave module, OT Module etc
  • Various reports can be emailed to the respective Department heads
  • Muster can be generated and used for input for your existing payroll package
  • User defined reports can be created through the report writer
  • Graphical Reports (like bar charts, pie charts) are also available for decision-making process
  • Can be linked to other party Payroll, HR and Accounting Systems

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: TAS

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  • Payroll Management System
Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System

Rs 75,000  / UnitGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Unit

Reimbursement ManagementYes
ReportGeneral, Payroll, Statutory
Installation Service NeededYes
Leave ManagementYes
Employee ManagementYes
Time ManagementYes
Installation ServiceYes
Biometric AttendanceYes
We have full devout in offering the best quality Payroll Management System. Accounting has become easy with the offered software which is programmed to generate computerized pay slip, registers, PF, ESI, loans and varied government forms related to HR and accounts activities. Suitable for both large and small scale enterprises the offered system can easily extract data from attendance software to generate the payroll in lesser time.


  • Automatic creation for all kinds of HR/accounts reports
  • High-speed processing
  • Optimum flexibility to run after changes in govt. policies
  • Easy to define fields

  • Payroll Management Software can be used to keep a track of employee’s records
  • Generate Pay slips
  • Attendance Register
  • Recording result for results of payroll activities

Model Overview:

Salary Reports

PF Reports

Advance/loan Reports

Master Reports

Salary Register /

Salary Slip

PF Monthly(Challan)

Loan Entry Stmnt.

Labour Welfare Form

Summary Statement

PF Form 5

Loan Deduction Stmnt.

Employee Salary Structure

Salary by Cheque /

Salary by Cash

PF Form 10

Loan Entry Details

Employee wise CTC

Bank /Non-Bank Salary Statement

Form6A Summary

Advance Entry Stmnt.

Company wise CTC

Accounts Statement


Advance Deduction Stmt

Department wise CTC

Reimbursement Stmt

C. ESI Reports

Advance Entry Details

Reimbursement Stmnt.

Reimbursement Payment Register

ESI Statement

Advance Loan Ded. Summary



ESI Return Stmt(Form6)

Cash Adjustment Details

G Statement Reports

PF Statement

ESI Return Stmt(Form5)


Pending Reimbursement List

PF Return Stmt(Form6A)

ESI Monthly(Challan)

Arrear Slip & Register

Leave Encashment Stmt

PF Return Stmt(Form3A)

ESI Form 7

Bonus Stmnt.

Gratuity Stmnt.

Form3A (In DBF)


Bonus Payment Form

Full and Final Stmnt.

PF Form 12 A


Bonus Payment Form-C


    Additional Information:

    • Item Code: TDPAY

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    • Visitor Management System
    • Visitor Management System
    • Visitor Management System
    • Visitor Management System
    • Visitor Management System
    • Visitor Management System
    • Visitor Management System
    Visitor Management System

    Visitor Management System

    Price on Request
    Service Location/CityAll Over India Network Setup
    Installation Service NeededYes
    Installation InAll Over India
    Holder MaterialPaper
    Operating SystemsWindows


    Intelligent SMS alert

    Different login of every user

    Auto selection of details of pre-visitor

    Easy conversion of appointment


    Different Login for each user

    Creation of different Host Companies and Pre Creation of Visitors Company

    Auto updation of Visitors Name and Company, if the same is not there in the database

    Auto selection of Visitors Name and details if he/she is a pre-Visitor

    Capture basic information of an appointment like Visitors Name, Company Name, Address, etc

    Capture of photographs of the visitor for pass printing as well as future record

    Capture additional information like Contact No., Vehicle No, Co Visitors (2 Names), Person to Meet etc

    Department (Auto update if pre-feeded ), Materials / Tools brought along with the Visitor (returnable / Non returnable) etc Purpose of Visit (Official / Personal)

    Auto update of OUT Time for each visitor

    Easy convert of Appointment to Visitor pa

    Add Pre-appointments for expected visitors, to reduce time delay in Visitor waiting

    Display current day's appointments for easy search

    Web based Pre Visitor’s entry and cancellation for each individual

    SMS Alerts for the visitor for confirmation of appointments / cancellation (If SMS Pack is taken)


    Additional Information:

    • Item Code: TimeDESK-VMS

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    • Canteen Management Application System
    • Canteen Management Application System
    • Canteen Management Application System
    • Canteen Management Application System
    • Canteen Management Application System
    • Canteen Management Application System
    • Canteen Management Application System
    • Canteen Management Application System
    Canteen Management Application System

    Canteen Management Application System

    Price on Request
    Service Location/CityLocal
    Service ModeOffline/online
    Service DurationProject Based
    Operating SystemsMac,windows

    Many organizations establishments like corporates, hostels, schools, hospitals provide Canteen as an additional subsidized facility to their employees as a welfare measure. The usage of the canteen by the employees depends on many factors like centralized food distribution center with swift and simplicity in operations. TimeDESK provides a user friendly system that facilitates quick and efficient operations to cover larger section of employees within a specified time. CMS is paperless and has almost cashless transactions. This system is also compatible in an environment where multiple caterers operate in a closed environment or at multiple locations. Various establishments like corporates, hostels, schools, hospitals often support their own canteen. Till date the entire canteen process from controlling long queues to food selection to payment is manual and subject to inaccuracies. It also involves lots of cash transactions, handmade coupon generations and food planning.

    TimeDESK Canteen Management is an automated process starting from placing an order to delivery including the payment. It allows item tracking, secure and speedy transactions; prevents wastage of food and error in accounting. It helps management to handle the users smoothly thus reducing the waiting time for the users.

    Key Benefits

    • Helps in resource/raw material planning for canteen
    • Prevent food wastage
    • Secure and speedy transactions
    • Reduce administrative work
    • Eliminates human error in accounting
    • Increase efficiency by speeding up the overall process
    • Reports for quick interpretation of consumption
    • Increase user’s satisfaction

    TimeDESK is a canteen management system, aimed at automating the transactions associated with canteen usage and thus convert the tedious, prone to inconsistency, time consuming process to a simple and fast solution. Being cost effective yet highly efficient, and easy to install and operate and is a fully integrated client server application. “TimeDESK” Canteen Management Software is very simple, flexible and user-friendly Canteen software especially for INDIA.

    Additional Information:

    • Item Code: TDCMS

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    • Payroll Software
    Payroll Software

    Payroll Software

    Price on Request
    Also ProvidesPayroll Software
    Operating SystemFor Windows
    Free Required RAM< 1 GB
    TrainingIn Person
    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software section is devoted to free and open-source software, and the second is for proprietary software.It helps for education establishments to manage student data. Student information systems provide capabilities for registering students in courses, documenting grading, transcripts, results of student tests and other assessment scores and their performances.

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    • Payroll System
    Payroll System

    Payroll System

    Price on Request
    Operating SystemFor Windows
    Provide Installation ServiceYes
    TrainingIn Person
    Support24/7 (Live Rep)
    he primary mission of the payroll department is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct with holdings and deductions, and that the with holdings and deductions are remitted in a timely manner.

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